3 Ways to Find Out What Your Clients Want From You

3 Ways to Find Out What Your Clients Want From You

Knowing what your clients want from you will help tremendously in figuring out the type of content that you should be focusing on. Let’s place the focus back onto your ideal client and find out what type of information they want and how they want to receive it.

Step One: Analyze Your Blog Posts, Social Media Posts and Current Products

Time for some easy analysis. Take a look at your blog post dashboard and take note of the posts with the most traffic or comments (or the most dialogue between commenters).

Now take a look at some of your social media posts, again looking for lots of comments or at least a discussion.

Lastly, take a look at your current list of products for sale and note which ones sold like hotcakes and which ones flubbed. The topics which elicit discussion, fiery debate, or made the most money should top your list of topics to address.

Step Two: Ask Your Audience

Don’t be afraid to ask your audience what they want. You are the expert and you need market research.

Create a survey, create a poll on social media (hello Instagram Stories fun), or send an email asking about their struggles and how you can help. 

Based upon the size of your following, you’ll likely get many different answers but you’ll also begin to see a common thread. Add these topics to your list from above.

Step Three: Do Some Spy Work

Where does your ideal client hang out online? Forums, certain social media platforms, particular blogs? Figure that out first and then quietly observe the comments they make in these places

You may see common complaints about an industry or another product or you may notice a common struggle these people all have in common. If you can address these complaints or problems in your own product, you’ll gain the interest of these people because you’re addressing them, not giving them a product they can’t relate to.

Now that you have done the leg work of finding out more about your ideal client, let's use it! Take some of the questions they have and answer them in blog posts or in social media posts. Offer up a freebie that gets people on your email list, to then share with them on a more regular basis. And always remember, teach your ideal clients about the importance of your products or services, so that they can truly understand why your business is important.

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