Creating a Motivating Morning Routine

Creating a Motivating Morning Routine

In our current situation, we have to be motivated now more than ever! Have you ever noticed if you have a good Monday, the rest of your week seems to work out pretty well, regardless of whatever else happens? It’s also true that getting your day off to a good start practically guarantees you’ll have a good day.

I love mornings. Each new day brings new opportunities and it’s a chance to start fresh and do better. How you start your day, or more specifically how you spend those first few morning hours has a big impact on the rest of it. Think of it as setting the tone for your entire day. That’s why making over your morning is so important. It’s about much more than those first few hours.

A good morning routine takes a little effort to develop, but it definitely pays off quickly. A morning routine can give you that great start, every day, like clockwork! I am so excited to share some of my tips with you, to help you in creating your morning routine.

#1. Get up early.

Most people lie in bed until the last possible second, hang out on their phones and browse social media or hit the snooze button every morning. Then, when they do get up, there’s only enough time to get ready and barely make it to work on time. 

You’ll definitely have to experiment personally with the proper time to get up, but you should be able to get up and get through your routine with time to spare.

#2. Put your phone on airplane mode or do not disturb.

This is the most important step in a morning routine.  If you are the type to check email first thing or hop on social media this will be a game-changer.  I find when I grab my phone first thing I end up being distracted the rest of the day. I end up replying to emails, putting out fires or getting sucked into Instagram and then my quiet morning time is gone and I have to jump right into getting ready and starting work. I intentionally set time to check email and get on my phone, so I know this will be hard but make it a priority and you will see a huge difference.  If it’s hard for you to stay off your phone, put it somewhere you can’t access it until it becomes a habit.

#3. A drink of water should be one of the first things you do.

After 7+ hours without any fluids, your body is craving water. Drink a big glass of water each morning and see how much better you feel.

#4. Get some exercise in before work.

This is something you will see me post about frequently on Instagram, it is my favorite way to start the day! Whether it’s 20 minutes on the treadmill, a walk around the block, or some yoga, do something to get your blood moving. 

This will keep you from being groggy at work and you’ll feel great!

#5. Schedule a little quiet time.

It’s great to have a few minutes to meditate, go over your goals, gratitude journal or just relax. This time also eliminates that rushed feeling most people have every morning. You might want to use this time to read or work on a crossword puzzle.

#6. Have a good breakfast.

Start the day out right with a healthy meal. Momentum holds true here, too. If you start the day by eating well, you’re more likely to make healthy food choices throughout the day. Plus, many health experts promote the idea that a good breakfast is the key to getting yourself healthier and in better shape.

#7. Get ready for the day. 

You will feel more productive and better about yourself if you take the time to shower, get out of your yoga pants and brush your teeth. Also if you have to hop on a zoom call, you are already presentable. :) 

#8. Go over your schedule.

Every morning when I sit down to my desk, I review my Asana tasks and write down my priority list.

This is a time to think about what has to be done. This will give you a good mental picture of what your day will look like:

  • Do you have any meetings?
  • Are there any client meetings on your schedule?
  • Are there any contractor issues that need to be handled? 

Instead of showing up and trying to figure out what’s going on, head into your workday with a good handle on things.  Also, write down a top 3 list of things that you have to get done. This will help with not getting overwhelmed with all the tasks you need to do. I feel if I can accomplish my "Top 3", then I had a good day and everything else is just icing on the cake. 

#9. Make it a habit

It takes about 30 days to form a new habit. Be diligent for the next 30 days, including weekends! Studies have shown habits practiced daily are easier to form than habits that are on a variable schedule. Practice the same morning routine every day!

Developing a morning routine can really change your life. Your morning routine should be unique to you. With a little experimentation, you’ll quickly discover the best morning routine for you.

You might think this seems like a lot to do each morning. It might be more than you’re used to doing, but that doesn’t mean it’s too much. 

There is no rule that states you must stay up as late as possible to get the minimum amount of required sleep and barely make it to work on time. You’re free to shift a couple of hours from the evening to the morning.

By the end of the day, you’re beat anyway. Most people accomplish very little after 9:00 pm. Go to bed early and get up early. You’ll get a great jump on the day before anyone else even gets out of bed! And your new morning routine will be a perfect start to many great days ahead.

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