How to Write Convertible CTAs for ECommerce Stores

How to Write Convertible CTAs for ECommerce Stores

It’s frustrating when you spend hours making sure your online store looks flawless, but you’re still not getting conversions. Despite all the time you’ve spent optimizing the design and the content, people still aren’t adding your products to their cart.

So what’s the problem? It may have something to do with your call to action buttons.


What is a Call to Action (CTA)?

The call to action, or CTA, on a web page simply instructs visitors on what to do. It essentially works as a light that illuminates the path to buying your product. You see CTAs on websites all the time, most obviously perhaps with a “Buy Now” button.

There is no magical word or design element that will instantly turn your visitors into buyers. To find the right CTA for your site and your products, you have to test out to determine what will connect the most with your target shoppers. However, there are certain basic things to keep in mind to make your ecomm CTA more convertible.

Create a Sense of Urgency

One of the most effective ways to increase conversion rates is to create a sense of urgency. When shoppers think that an opportunity is limited, they are more motivated to buy. You can see this in action when you consider end-of-season sales. You might do this by saying, “On sale — only until midnight tonight!”

A case study by the team at ConversionXL shows that by adding a sense of urgency to their product, they were able to increase their conversion rate by 332%. That’s what any store owner wants to see!

Try Different Colors

There aren’t certain colors that convert better than others. However, color can have a big impact on your conversion rates. Whatever it is, it should resonate with your visitors and your brand.

Some factors to consider when choosing the color for your CTA:
  • Use white space around your CTA to make it clear where to click
  • Make sure it stands out from the background
  • Don’t make it too crazy with colors and animations

Keep It Simple

First, make sure that your CTA appears as a separate button, not just text. There are many studies that show that buttons are the best bet for directing visitors to check out. The text on this button should also be simple. Something like “Buy Now” works great.

Hero Images are the Important CTAs

Hero images are an often overlooked opportunity to connect your audience to your products. One study by Notre Dame University shows that the first image out of five images received 84% of all clicks on stores with rotating slideshows.

Be sure to have your hero image link to a product, or collection to get visitors to checkout faster.

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