What is a 301 Redirect & Why you should be using them

How to Setup 301 Redirects on Shopify

What is a 301 redirect and why should it be used?

When you migrate a website or have a page that is no longer relevant on your site, a 301 correctly signal where content has moved to allows search engines such as Google and Bing to keep their index up-to-date.  
I am going to walk you through a few different methods in Shopify on how to edit 301 redirects on your site. You can also watch the video tutorial, on my YouTube channel by clicking here.

Here are the steps:

From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Navigation.
  1. Click URL Redirects.
  2. Click Add URL redirect.
  3. In Redirect from, enter the old URL you want to redirect visitors from. Only broken URLs should be redirected. If the old URL still loads a webpage, the URL redirect won't work. 
  4. Click Add.

Why are 301 redirects important for your SEO? 

If you have migrated platforms or removed content on your site, Google will eventually index these pages to a 404 page, which means not found. If you have valuable links and search results on Google, you want to make sure you update your site to include redirects for dead pages so you don't lose out on valuable traffic. 

Watch my tutorial here:

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